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Princess Diana, The Men In Black and the White Light

Princess Diana with two of the worlds real life men in black! Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell. New York 12-12-1995
By Sandra Barr
White Light
Years ago I spent a considerable time looking at the death of Princess Diana, mainly the geography of that area of Paris and all the Masonic buildings, an ancient Pagan Temple sites, primarily the site of the ancient Temple to the Goddess Diana in Paris, we now know that the site of that underground Temple is now the Pont de l'Alma tunnel!
New York City Against Homer episode of the Simpsons
 Anyway, I have been looking at it again this last few weeks, and I have been looking at areas that I had not looked at before. As we know from 9/11 and other events, they use music, TV and film to forewarn us about events, it's called Predictive Programming, and they provide a soundtrack, most recently PRINCE died on the Queen's 90th birthday and Purple Rain was on every radio Station, Niagara Falls and other major sites turned purple, not for Prince, but for the "purple REIGN" of the Queen of England .

When Diana died, like everyone else I was in shock to a point, and at that time I had no reason not to believe the official version of events, that the Paparazzi had hunted her to death, at her funeral her brother Earl Charles Spencer even made reference to her being named after the Goddess Diana the Huntress, and how she was ironically the most hunted woman of our age.
On the day she died 31st of August 1997, the TV stations interviewed actual witness, and it stuck in me that they all mentioned a blinding white light in the tunnel.
At her inquest the primary eye witness Francois Levistre testified that a blinding white light was shone into the Princesses car. He was in the car in front, he said a motor bike overtook the Princesses car in the tunnel, the passenger shone a blinding white light into her car, the passenger then got off the bike, went over and looked into the Mercedes, made a signal to the bike driver, then got on the bike and sped off. At this stage Levistre had pulled over as he had witnessed the crash in his rear mirror.
Excerpt from testimony "
The passenger, dressed like the rider all in black, then signalled that they needed to move quickly out of the Alma tunnel in Paris, the inquest in London heard." Source

I clearly remember at the time of Diana's death , there were countless reports and documentaries, and there was numerous witnesses that claimed they saw a blinding white light just prior to the accident, oddly the only witness called at the inquest to testify about the white light was Levistre, and I presume that they chose him over the other witnesses as he had a conviction on charges relating to the illegal possession of a weapon. At the inquest they even inferred that he had also been involved in a child selling incident, even though Levistre had never been charged with such a crime, and they presented no evidence to prove that he had ever been involved in such an incident. His past criminal conviction was used to undermine his evidence. Source
It transpired that the child selling incident that they referred to, was in fact a case of his wife had acted as a surrogate Mother for a German couple, under French law at that time this was considered illegal, having said that, no charges were ever brought against levistre or his wife.

It is also worth mentioning that Levistre and his wife at the British inquest both accused the French authorities of altering their statements. Levistre's original statement had been altered to state that there was more than one motorbike, he vehemently denied that he ever said this to the French Police, and he accused them of adding that bit, when he gave his statement the French Police were trying to stitch up the paparazzi for her death, so it is more than conceivable that they did indeed alter his statement and his wife's.
His wife refused to give evidence at the inquest, but she appeared by video link to the inquest just to give her reasons, and she stated that her statement was the same as her husbands, but that since the incident various parties had changed her statement, "if I said black they changed it to white " in her own words. Link to entire transcript of the Levistre's evidence at the inquest.

Former MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson also testified at the inquest:
"Former MI6 agent Tomlinson told the inquest into Diana and Dodi’s deaths that he was aware of a colleague’s proposal to kill Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic by using a strobe light in a tunnel to distract his driver, causing a crash" Source

In September 2013 further claims were made when the ex wife of an SAS soldier, known only as "soldier N", claimed that prior to the break up of their marriage her husband confided in her that he was part of the SAS team that killed Diana. Soldier N was known to have been a highly decorated SAS operative. Source
In subsequent news reports it has been reported that the signal Francois Levistre witnessed was in fact a signal used by Intelligence services for “Mission Accomplished”. 
Source Mail online 30 August 2013 .
 Please note, the text in the above poster fails to mention that when eye witness Francois Levistre (French harbour pilot) witnessed the signal, it was not from his rear view mirror, on seeing the crash he had pulled over.


 Men in Black
“Men in Black” would commonly refer to the Intelligence Services. As it happens the week she died Will Smith “Men in Black” was number one! It was number one from August 10 to September 6, which was the day she was buried.
The song was released on June 16, 1997, and it was the soundtrack from the movie of the same name. It was widely promoted and played the entire Summer, so before Diana's death on 31 August 1997 we had all been forewarned "here come the men in black, galaxy defenders"
 Who will ever forget the image of Prince's William and Harry dressed in black, following their Mothers remains on September 6.
 The movie was released on July 2, 1997, the previous day had been Diana's 36th birthday, she had attended the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Tate Gallery in London. In the tapes that she recorded for Andrew Morton's book, she had revealed that when she was on honeymoon with Charles, they were comparing diary dates and 2 pictures of Camilla fell out of his diary. A few days later they attended an official dinner for President Sadat of Egypt, on board the Royal yacht Britannia, Diana was quite devastated when Charles showed up wearing gold cuff links with a CC intertwined like the Channel logo, the cuff links had been a gift from his mistress Camilla.
Below is a picture of her arriving at the Tate Gallery on her 36th birthday, on seeing the CC channel logo I expect she felt the pangs!

Sorry, afraid I have not been able to upload it to the blog

Most of the video is filmed in a dark tunnel, here are the lyrics:
Here come the Men In Black
It's the MIB's, uh, here come the MIB's
Here come the Men In Black, Men In Black
They won't let you remember
Nah nah nah.
The good guys dress in black, remember that
Just in case we ever face to face and make contact
The title held by me, MIB
Means what you think you saw, you did not see
So don't blink be what was there is now gone
The black suits with the black Ray Bans on
Walk in shadow, move in silence

Guard against extra-terrestrial violence
But yo we ain't on no government list
We straight don't exist - no names and no fingerprints
Saw somethin' strange, watch your back

'Cause you never quite know where the MIBs is at
Uh, eh
Here come the Men In Black, Men In Black
Galaxy defenders.
Oho oho oho
Here come the Men In Black, Men In Black
They won't let you remember
Aha, aha
Now, From the deepest of the darkest night
On the horizon, bright light enters sight tight
Cameras zoom, on the impending doom

But then like BOOM black suits fill the room up
With the quickness, talk with the witnesses
Hypnotizer, neuralizer
Vivid memories turn to fantasies

Ain't no MIBs, can I please
Do what we say, that's they way we kick it
D'ya know what I mean
I see my noisy cricket get wicked on ya
We're your first, last and only line of defense
Against the worst scum of the universe
So don't fear us, cheer us
If you ever get near us, don't jeer us, we're fearless
MIB's freezin' up all the flack
What's that stand for? Men In Black
The Men In Black
The Men In Black
Let me see ya just bounce it with me
Just bounce with me
Just bounce it with me
Come on, let me see ya just slide with me
Just slide with me
Just slide with me
Come on, let me see ya take a walk with me
Just walk with me
Take a walk with me
Come on, and make your neck work
Now freeze
Here come the Men In Black, Men In Black
Galaxy defenders. Ohh, Ooohh
Here come the Men In Black, Men In Black
They won't let you remember. Oh nohh
Alright check it
Let me tell you this in closing
I know we might seem imposing
But trust me, if we ever show in your section

Believe me, it's for your own protection
'Cause we see things that you need not see
And we be places that you need not be
So go on with your life

Forget that Roswell crap
Show love to the black suit, cause
That's the Men In...
That's the Men In...

Here come the Men In Black, here they come
Galaxy defenders. Galaxy defenders
Here come the Men In Black, oho, here they come
They won't let you remember. Won't let you remember

Here come the Men In Black, ohh, here they come
Galaxy defenders. Oho oho oho.
Here come the Men In Black
They won't let you remember

NB, the word "contact" in the military is used by radio operators to report gunfire or an incident involving the military and an enemy.
Also, "from the deepest of the darkest night", on August 31, 1997 when Diana was killed, the Moon was at 3%, and it was indeed a very deep dark night.

 At 51 seconds a blinding flash of white light hits a vehicle and decimates it.

 At 3.36 in the video the SUV drives off down an ally way , a bright white light is shining at its windscreen, and the white rays from the light can be seen emanating from the vehicles back window. Remember, this was the number one record the day Diana was killed, we had all been watching this video in the weeks prior to her death. She was buried on September 6, and September 6 was the day this record fell off the number one chart position.

Right after this clip, Smith turns to camera, pulls out his neuralyzer (strobe light), and says "SORRY". Flash of white light and its over!

From Wiki: "
"Men in Black" features a sample of, and a re-sung chorus from, "Forget Me Nots" by Patrice Rushen. In a twist, the line "I want you to remember" is changed to "They won't let you remember", in reference to the memory-erasing "neuralyzer" devices used in the Men in Black movie."
Well ain't that the truth! In all inquiries since the death of Diana, MI5 and MI6 have done all in their power to stop the truth emerging.

The video was directed by Robert Caruso, this is part of the vid description from Wiki:
The same glowing light (white) from the beginning of the video is then seen in the drivers seat of an SUV, the two female Agents who were with Will in the vehicle, which speeds off just as Will reaches it. Disappointed, he puts on his glasses and takes out a Neuralyzer, pointing it at the camera. The flash takes the viewer back to the empty hallway from the opening scene, effectively erasing the video's contents entirely as if ensuring the viewer doesn't remember what they saw in the video. Just before the flash, he says, somewhat regretfully, "Sorry". Source

The video ends with Smith in a dark ally  with a "Neuralyzer" in his hand, he says "sorry" and there is a blinding flash of white light, the screen goes white, and we are all just supposed to forget the whole thing ever happened. The neuralyzer could be mistaken for a strobe or laser light.

 Above is a 12 million candle watt hand held strobe light which is used by the military, they are sold by Argo-A Security, and their sales pitch claims they are a powerful "disorientating strobe". Source

In a letter from the late Joe Vialls (Australian investigative journalist) to Mohammed al Fayed, dated 22 September 1997, he had this to say in reference to pulse-strobe LTD weapons:
When this LTL weapon fires, it pulses high-intensity brilliant white light at brain frequencies, inducing complete neural confusion for between two and five seconds. Line-of-sight exposure is overwhelming and renders the target completely incapable of meaningful brain function. Exposure at oblique angles causes moderate to severe mental confusion. Source

Tevor Rees-Jones 
As mentioned the primary witness to the accident was Fracois Levistre, the primary witness should of been the only surviving person from the crash, Trevor Rees-Jones.
Rees-Jones was Dodi's bodyguard on the night, and he was seated in the front passenger seat, he was an ex para trooper, unfortunately Will Smith's memory erasing device, the neuralyzer must have been used on Rees-Jones as he had total amnesia about the accident. The last thing he remembered was getting into the Mercedes at the Ritz Hotel, the 4 minutes between leaving the hotel and the crash were a total mystery to him, and he claimed he had no recollection.
At the time of the accident he was in the employ of Mohamed al'Fayed, and in an interview with Piers Morgan after the accident he claimed that Diana cried out Dodi's name just before she died (Source), this somewhat contradicted his total amnesia claims.

In 2008 it was reported that he was living in a half a million pound home, and working for a private security firm in Iraq, where operatives earn up to a £1000 a day! He has also worked as a security agent for the United Nations. He has since changed his name and he is now known as Trevor Rees.

In the years after the accident he claimed on many occasions that he wished he could remember just so as he could put an end to all the crap and the wild conspiracy theories. Then low and behold, just prior to the 2008 inquiry Rees Jones claimed he remembered after all, he told friends that he hoped his few flashbacks of the accident would put an end to all the conspiracy theories. So what exactly did he remember? The following is from a report on his evidence at the 2008 inquest:
But a few minutes in the witness box yesterday was all it took to establish that Dodi's 39-year-old former bodyguard, who suffered near-death injuries and long-term amnesia in the high-speed crash, had "no clear recollection" of so many potentially crucial events that night. 
He admitted he has almost no recollection of anything after he set foot in the Mercedes with the Princess, her lover and hotel security manager Mr Paul.  

In the ten years since the crash he has, with the help of psychiatrists, been able to dredge only two brief, unreliable "flashbacks" of the night in question, he told the High Court.
He said: "The new memory that I have is of the traffic lights, which can only be the ones at the Place de la Concorde.
"At that point I turned round to look out of the window behind us. I saw that a motorcycle had arrived on the right-hand side of the car and had stopped. When our vehicle moved off, there were lots of flashes - from photographers, I presume."
He added: "The other memory is very vague. I remember being seated in the car when the accident must already have taken place. I do not remember the pain but in my head there was a lot of confusion.
"I remember having heard somebody moaning and the name 'Dodi' was uttered, but I do not know if it was once or several times.
"I should like to add that these memories are vague and sometimes I myself doubt them." 
NB, note he remembers flashes, he does not remember where they came from, he has presumed they must of been from photographers.
Despite having no clear recollection of the accident, he dismissed claims that MI6 was behind the accident, and he lay all blame on Dodi Fayed, for firstly choosing that particular Mercedes, and secondly coming up with the plan to avoid the Paparazzi!
Of the vague memories he has, he does at least remember the motorcycle being behind them at the Place de la Concorde, which tallies with the evidence of Levistre. He also reiterated his earlier claims that Henri Paul was not drunk when they got into the Mercedes.
Despite his best efforts to confirm the official narrative his vague recollections have added weight to the the version of events that the people believe to be true, as opposed to the version that MI6 promote.

The following is another extract from Joe Vialls letter to Mohammed al Fayed:
 If this LTL system was deployed at the tunnel entrance in order to trigger a lethal event, the two-ton mass of the Mercedes colliding with a solid concrete wall at sixty mph, would have ensured lethality due to the car's inertia, which could be accurately calculated in advance. Although pulsed-strobe LTL by its very nature leaves little hard evidence of its use, there are indicators which might be useful in determining whether or not it was deployed at the Paris tunnel.
          If bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones remembers nothing about leaving the Ritz hotel, then he is probably suffering from normal retrograde amnesia. If however he remembers part of the journey, after which he has no recall of events, or remembers only mental confusion, that in itself would be a positive indicator of pulsed-strobe LTL having been deployed against the occupants of the Mercedes. Source
Incidentally, the official cause of death for Diana is massive heart attack, on July 17, 2005 Joe Vialls also died from a massive heart attack.

Despite the best efforts of the establishment and media to have us all think she died because Henri Paul was drunk at the wheel, most people believe she was murdered.

Diana's marriage to Charles was dissolved in August 1996, in the year after her divorce she told many friends and confidants that she believed she would be murdered, she went as far as to leave written evidence with her solicitor claiming that she believed she would be murdered.
She frequently referred to "the men in grey suits", she even mentioned them in her Panorama interview. She believed that "the men in grey suits" were plotting against her and that her life was in danger. In one note to her butler Paul Burrell, she went as far as to say that she believed Charles was planning a car accident for her. She told numerous friends that members of the intelligence services had tipped her off about her impending murder.

When the numerous friends testified that she believed there was a plot to murder her at her inquest, their testimonies were dismissed on the grounds that she was neurotic and paranoid, even though she did in fact die in a car crash as she had warned!

Grey is formed when you mix black with white, the men on the bike were wearing all black, and they brought about her death using a white light.

The primary suspects in her murder are the very people that she said were plotting to kill her, her ex husband Charles and the SIS (Secret Intelligence Services). There is also a wealth of evidence that would suggest that the French Intelligence services were in on it, ie all CCTV cameras in Paris at the time of her death mysteriously stopped working.
In 2007-08 the British agreed to have an inquiry into her death and inquest, agents of the British Crown were charged with both, this would be the same agencies that are on the suspect list for her death.
The lunacy of this is akin to asking the fox that has feathers sticking out of its mouth to investigate who broke into the chicken coop and killed the chickens!
They only agreed to an inquiry after years of pressure from the public, the same public were painfully aware from the get go that it would be a whitewash, and they were not disappointed!

Sandra Barr

Express report on Levistre's evidence in court:
Men in black video
Trevor Rees-Jones says Henri Paul was sober, and he would not of got in the car with him had he been drunk:

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Jo Cox The Sacrificial Lamb

 By Sandra Barr

This is video 1, Jo Cox, The Sacrificial Lamb
I will be adding much more information and links to this blog when I find time.

Part 2 in the video series, I will hopefully get part 3 up this week.

 In part 1 I looked at the reverence John Dee attached to Mercury, the above pic is the grand staircase in Buckingham Palace, the statue that can be seen on the landing is Mercury.
Now saying you revered a particular God, and you wanted to give that God a commanding spot in your home, there could not be a more commanding spot than this one!

Short vid (4.33) linking the Pulse, Brexit and Christina Grimmie, Lucifer is the connecting dot!
This morning I was watching supposed survivors of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, I noticed something very odd, they all seemed to be wearing clothes that had pentagrams on them.
I have already documented links between the Pulse shootings, the shooting of Christine Grimmie and the Brexit vote in the UK ,  the pentagrams also tied in, as the EU flag has a circle of pentagrams.

Now we call Venus the Morning Star, the trajectory of Venus is the shape of a pentagram, and so the 5 pointed star is associated with Venus.
In Greek Mythology Phosphorus was the Morning Star, the night Christine Grimmie was shot, she had been playing with the Band "Before You Exit", (BREXIT) in the band name, their symbol is the symbol for Phosphorus, and it was behind Christina on her last performance.
Phosphorus means Morning Star, in the Bible they translated Phosphorus to Lucifer, which also means Morning Star.

Christina Grimmie was shot on Friday June 10, Friday is named after Venus, from Wiki:
The name Friday comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ, meaning the "day of Frige", a result of an old convention associating the Old English goddess Frigg with the Roman goddess Venus, with whom the day is associated in many different cultures. The same holds for Frīatag in Old High German, Freitag in Modern German, and vrijdag in DutchSource

Some of the pics used in this vid were taken from this site, this guy has compiled a lot of information and pics on the use of the pentagram. LINK 

This you Tube Channel "IAMME857",  has also made connections with these events and Gematria. Link

Lucifer worship, survivors account: LINK
Orlando Pulse event, witnesses and casualties all with 5 pointed stars on their cloths. As covered in part 2, the symbol for Christina Grimmies band is the symbol for Phosphorus, the morning star, now known as Venus, the five pointed star is the symbol of Venus. The bible translated Phosphorus to Lucifer! LINK
Crisis actress Christine Leinonen is interviewed by Anderson Cooper, this is just days after her sons apparent brutal murder, and it beggars belief! Link
Academics try justify Dee's sorcery LINK
The Chymical Wedding 1616  LINK
John Dee Wikipedia LINK
The truth about Shakespeare, includes depiction of Dee and Bacon LINK
Dee & Bacon LINK
Francis Bacon Rosicrucian   LINK
Queen, Harry, Obamas, Invictus games vid LINK 
Arrest of Tommy Mair. He appears to have suffered a head wound during the arrest, and he has a large cut on his elbow. There is blood on the road from his head wound, and a little on his T shirt from the cut on his elbow, bar this, there is no blood on his clean grey T shirt.
When a neighbour was interviewed, she said that she had spoken to him that morning, and he was wearing a grey T shirt, so he had not changed his clothes. LINK

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Prince, Jimi Hendrix and Warner Brothers

 It's funny the way most people love the dead. Once you are dead, you are made for life. Jimi Hendrix 

While researching parallels between Prince and Jimi Hendrix, I became aware that both men, at the time of their death had contracts with Warner Brothers.

Michael Jeffrey
 In a 2009 book James Tappy Wright claimed that Hendrix's manager had a $2 million life insurance policy out on Hendrix, it transpired that it was Warner Brothers who had the policy, Hendrix's UK manager Michael Jeffrey's signature was on the policy, but only as Hendrix's representative. Bob Levine was Hendrix's manager in the USA, and he disputed many of Wright's claims:

"Michael signed an insurance policy on Jimi that the record company took out, and Jimi was aware of this. But that's standard. Frank Sinatra was insured by Reprise for millions of dollars. That's how business is done. Record companies take out insurance policies on major artists all the time. But it was nothing ruthless or dastardly on Michael Jeffrey's part. This is Tappy rewriting history." Bob Levine, Hendrix's US manager.  Source 

Hendrix signed a contract with Yamenta,  a Warner Brothers holding company which had been set up by his manager Michael Jeffrey amongst others, MGM provided the initial funding to set it up.  As we will see, the Hendrix heirs are still trying to untangle the complexities of the Yameta contract.

 Yameta served another function as well – as the production company (ostensibly Jeffrey's) that originally was contracted by Warner Bros, to provide Hendrix's records. Even after that recording contract was renegotiated and Warners began dealing directly with Hendrix, all royalty checks – as well as some European performance fees – were sent to Hendrix care of Yameta's Bahamian address. Source
  "Hendrix's management deal was through a company Jeffrey had cofounded called Yameta. Based in the Bahamas, Yameta was a confusing maze of holding companies handled by frontmen, money-juggling bankers, political power brokers and other slippery sorts. Under his arrangement with Yameta, Hendrix surrendered a whopping forty percent of his gross income to the offshore company." Source
Five weeks before Hendrix died he filmed Rainbow Bridge in Maui, Hawaii, WB had initially put up the $450,000 funding for the film, however when they seen the film they were pissed at the content, they wanted Hendrix to talk about Revolution, and to urge viewers to stage a revolution, Hendrix instead talked about out of body experiences, meditation, the third eye etc, they demanded their money back, and they got their money back, however they regained control of The Rainbow Bridge album recorded by Hendrix, and they released it after his death, many of the tracks on the album were unfinished.
 At this time negotiations were being held directly with Mo Ostin the then President of Warner Brothers. Source. Ostin was also responsible for signing Prince in 1977.

Leo Branton
 After Hendrix died his father Al Hendrix hired Los Angels lawyer Leo Branton to act on his behalf. 

Branton managed to acquire ownership and control of all Hendrix's material, images, video footage etc. He set up a complex myriad of companies, many of them off-shore to manage Hendrix's estate.  
It is thanks to the hard work of Leo Branton the the estate was preserved.
Alan Douglas helped Branton run the Hendrix estate, Microsoft wanted to buy the estate, they first set about demonizing Branton and Douglas, they then paid them millions to relinquish their contracts with Al Hendrix.

Al Hendrix

 Al's modest needs were to be taken care of for the rest of his life.
legal battles between 1992-1995 seen control of the estate handed back to Al, at this point I am not sure exactly what role Microsoft have in the running of the estate now, if I find out I will elaborate


Janie Hendrix

In 1995 The company "Experience Hendrix" was formed and they now claim sole ownership of all Hendrix material. I am not sure if that is strictly true.
 Al Hendrix died in 2002, he willed control of the Hendrix estate to Janie and her cousin Robert Hendrix, Robert died in 2012.
Jimi's brother Leon did not inherit any of the estate, bar a gold record.

 If you try to purchase a Hendrix album on iTunes today , the material is owned by Experience Hendrix, but Licensed to Sony. In 1973 Warner Brothers released a Jimi Hendrix film, the film has since been digitally remastered, and WB have sole ownership of it.

 During the period that Branton had control of the Hendrix estate WB licensed Hendrix material from one of his subsidiary companies.

"Initially, Branton began making some strategic moves for the Hendrix estate, selling off Jimi's stake in New York's Electric Lady recording studios and sorting out a stack of lawsuits. 
He decided to avoid digging into the Yameta mess and, armed mostly with righteous indignation, forged ahead with other plans. After Branton wrested back all of the estate's assets, its holdings included the remainder of the Warner Bros. recording contract, music-publishing copyrights and rights to all unmastered tapes. 
Packaging these elements together, Branton brokered their sale to Presentaciones Musicales S.A., a Panamanian corporation originally founded as a holding company for his late client Nat Cole and jazz producer Norman Granz." Source Rolling Stone

In the aftermath of Hendrix's death a number of albums were released posthumously, including Rainbow Bridge, Various record labels released albums after he died, numerous record labels and distributing companies all had a finger in the pie.

In 2004 Purple Haze records released a video of Jimi Hendrix in concert in Stockholm, Experience Hendrix tried to claim ownership, Purple Haze claims they acquired the licence to publish from John A Hillman. Hillman was a founder and controller of Yameta. Purple Haze claim that Hendrix's contract with Yameta were valid and binding at the time of his death, and when he died the rights to his work was transferred to Hillman, who still retains control. 

When the Hendrix family took control of Hendrix's estate from Branton in 1995, it was reported that Branton had acquired all rights to Hendrix material, it would seem that this was not the case, according to this report, Purple Haze can show all legal documents concerning the transfer of Hendrix's contracted material with Yameta to Hillman, and the subsequent licence from Hillman. When this article was published in 2004, Experience Hendrix were unable to show any legal documentation to prove their claim of ownership of the concert footage.  
 Purple Haze Records claim they own the rights to the Hendrix Stockholm concert and have released a CD of the show. "On 1st December 1966, James Marshall Hendrix, known as Jimi Hendrix, signed a contract with Yameta Co Ltd" Lawrence from Purple Haze Records tells Undercover News. "This contract was for all activities including performance, recording, writing, production and all media within the entertainment business. In 1975, after Hendrix died, the rights that belonged to Yameta Co Ltd were transferred to John A Hillman, who had set up Yameta and ran the company throughout. The license given to Purple Haze Records Ltd is directly from John A Hillman, formerly (c) (p) Yameta Co Ltd, the rightful owner of all Hendrix material".

Purple Haze claim they went out of their way to clear the issue before the release of the album. "We have invited Reed Wasson (the Attorney for Experience Hendrix LLC) and Eversheds (UK Solicitors for Experience Hendrix LLC) to show proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights from 1st December 1966, when Jimi Hendrix signed a contract of employment with Yameta Co Ltd. Experience Hendrix LLC has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Reed Wasson has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Eversheds has refused to show any proof of title for the Jimi Hendrix rights. Purple Haze Records Ltd has invited the above parties 10 times to show proof of title. They have refused" Purple Haze claim.

The Hendrix Stockholm Concert was released last month in the UK. Source

 The question remained: who owned Yameta? If Jeffrey and the members of the Experience were employees, who were the employers? John Hillman in London, of course, and possibly Sir Guy Henderson and Ralph Seligman in Nassau, all members of the Yameta board. But who did they answer to? Some say Yameta was owned by Caicos Trust Company, Ltd., still another tax haven, named for one of the smaller Bahama Islands. And what was Caicos? No one was talking. Source Rolling Stone  1976

In 1992 Rolling Stone reported that Warner Brothers had full control of Hendrix's catalogue, so clearly Branton did not have full ownership of all Hendrix's material, also note the image of Hendrix used in the article is owned by Getty Images. 
Despite the 1995 claims that the Hendrix family had regained full control of all things Hendrix, it would seem that this was not true, and Experience Hendrix is set for years of legal battles regarding ownership of Hendrix music, images footage etc. Source
This report also details:
Last November, (1991) the enduring commercial legacy of Jimi Hendrix was apparent when the late guitar god finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The bittersweet tribute attracted more than a hundred fans to the seedy corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Cherokee Avenue, near the spot where the $4800 pavement pentagram – sponsored and paid for by Warner Bros. Records – was unveiled by the district's chamber of commerce. Source
After the Star ceremony Warner hosted an after party, Jimi's bother Leon commented at the party:
"What I really want to know," said Leon, "is why my father was the sole beneficiary to Jimi's estate and he's getting a mere pittance?"
It is clear from the above information, that in the years since his death a great many corporations and individuals have got rich of Jimi Hendrix, the illusive Yameta would appear to have made untold millions of him, before and after his death, and it is still not clear where the money that passed to Yameta went.

This blog set out to chronicle how Prince and Jimi were contracted to Warner Brothers when they died, Warner Brothers have profited handsomely from both deaths, In the case of Hendrix they have to be in the top ten at least, of the people who profited most. 


 In 1996 Prince's contract with WB ended, while still under contract to them, he was often seen with “SLAVE” written on his face, he released the album “Emancipation” after his contract ended. He frequently advised other artists not to “sign” with any of the major labels. When his contract ended WB retained ownership and control of much of Prince's material.

 On April 14, 2016 he played the Fox theatre Atlanta, he was so ill after the gig that his private jet had to make an emergency landing. Airport staff reported that he was "unresponsive", translated, no vital signs...DEAD!  The jet he was travelling on was owned by Warren Buffett! LINK
Two years previous, to the day, April 14, 2014, Billboard magazine reported that Prince had done a deal with Warner Brothers, part of the deal meant that Prince regained his catalogue, although WB still somehow had the licence on ALL of his earlier work and his 2014 album.

This LINK is to Prince's music on iTunes, all available tracks are licensed to WB!

Left: Screen shot taken from iTunes, WB still have the licence on Prince's music!

Neither Prince or WB were prepared to make public the details of the deal.

So at the time of his death, he was in some kind of contract with WB, at this time the nature of the deal is still unknown, and it is unknown just how much money WB are likely to make from his premature death.

Who said that Prince had AID's? 
Who said that Prince was a drug addict?
Who showed footage of Prince on a bicycle, supposedly shot the day before he died?
Who said he was seen at the local pharmacy the day before he died?
TMZ said it, no named sources were given for the information, yet the world press, without a trace of due diligence, repeated it all without looking for one bit of collaborating evidence.
Go figure as they say! Credit for the TMZ/Warner link, Dick Gregory

In an interview a few years ago, Prince was asked if he ever just went out and done "normal" things. He replied that the last time he just ventured out to the local Mall, he was followed out by 400 people, so he did not do stuff like that any more.

In the week following his death, Billboard reported that 4 million Prince Albums and singles had been downloaded, all the downloaded singles and albums are licensed to WB!

Source: Billboard magazine

Now I do not understand the legalities of the music industry, but I think it is safe to say that a record company that has a licence on a particular single or album gets a cut of each sale! 

It is 46 years since Hendrix died, and it is unfathomable just how much the various parasites have made of his genius, I think it is safe to assume though that Warner has to of be in the top ten of corporations who have profited of him.
With the licensing agreement that Prince made with Warner, it would seem that they will also be profiting from his death for many decades to come. 
At this stage executors have to be appointed for Prince's estate, and no one knows what contracts he had and with whom.  

 I will leave you all with this short video, it is Dick Gregory's take on the death of Prince, and he appears to have come to the same conclusions that I have arrived at.

Sandra Barr
Link: My death of a Prince blog which details events surround Prince's death, including the Queens 90th birthday, and the Palmyra Arch being erected in London just prior to Prince's death 
Link: This is a detailed look at the parallels surrounding the lives and deaths of Prince and Jimi Hendrix .  It also examines the Simpson's episode where Homer killed Prince, Prince was then shown in heaven with Jimi Hendrix.
 Link: Rolling Stone interview with Chuck Wein (The Wizard) 26 October 1972, discussing the making of Rainbow Bridge. 
Link Rolling Stone 1976 who all owned Hendrix

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